New Office Space

We are excited to expand our office space to accommodate engineering professionals, inspectors, & construction personnel hard at work on Riverton. Stay tuned to see the finished product!

Nick @ Noon | Engineering Week

It’s engineering week! We want to thank and celebrate the engineers whose experience has developed the path forward for Riverton!

Nick @ Noon | Environmental Capping

Mike Singer and his team have completed 6 acres of environmental capping for the Development. Listen in as Mike goes into some details of this process.

Nick @ Noon | Peter Fisher Boulevard

Along the South side entrance at Peter Fisher Boulevard, our team has been installing duct bank structures for permanent electrical feed distribution. These structures allow for a large capacity of wiring to run through them to route all the electric necessary for the development.

Nick @ Noon | Storm Connections

A quick look at the storm utility connections being installed under the main artery of the development. A complex process looks easy in the hands of our contracting team.

Nick @ Noon | 2023 Loading


We are all still loading into the New Year and the Team at Riverton is excited about what is coming in 2023!

Nick @ Noon | New Drone

A quick peek at Riverton’s new method of capturing progress on this 300+ acre project! Stay tuned for more immersive perspectives.

Nick @ Noon | Introducing Tim

Introducing our newest addition to the team, Tim Patterson has been brought on as a Development Associate to aid in the making of Riverton! Please give Tim a warm welcome!

Nick @ Noon | V-Zone Wall Update

Our onsite team has made substantial progress along our waterfront! Extending the rebar footing of the V-Zone Wall southbound to form the base for this 825 FT Flood Impact Wall.

Nick @ Noon | Gabion Walls

Gabion Walls are common but unfamiliar to most, they are a useful method to prevent soil erosion! They’re also eco-friendly, using recycled stone inside as an alternative to a concrete wall structure.