Nick @ Noon | V-Zone Wall Update

Our onsite team has made substantial progress along our waterfront! Extending the rebar footing of the V-Zone Wall southbound to form the base for this 825 FT Flood Impact Wall.

Nick @ Noon | Gabion Walls

Gabion Walls are common but unfamiliar to most, they are a useful method to prevent soil erosion! They’re also eco-friendly, using recycled stone inside as an alternative to a concrete wall structure.

Nick @ Noon | Wet Pond Update

We have completed the head walls at the Wet Pond and are working on some finishing touches! Check out the progress.

Nick @ Noon | Velocity-Zone Flood Impact Wall

Our Velocity-Zone Flood Impact Wall is underway! This was will act as a protective barrier from a potential major super storm (like super storm Sandy)! Our contracting team is currently driving wood piles as the supporting structure of the wall, stay tuned for additional updates.

Nick @ Noon | Road Opening

A quick look at performing a road opening for an excavation below the surface of a road. Many steps to coordinate, but if planned ahead of time, it’s a seamless process!

Nick @ Noon | Dig Operation

A “Soft Dig” is a common excavation method used to expose underground utilities (sub-terrain infrastructure) without causing damage to the utility & having minimal environmental impact! Our team used an air pressure method (like a vacuum) but another common method is hydrovac excavation using water pressure (like a power washer).

Nick @ Noon | Wet Pond Headwall

How do you support a 96-inch storm pipe? With a headwall, of course! See the process of how the concrete headwall is constructed at the wet pond! Wet ponds provide a permanent solution to store stormwater runoff. Check out this previous Nick @ Noon to learn more

Nick @ Noon | Shallow Utilities

A closer look at the pieces involved in installing Shallow Utilities at Riverton. Can you guess how many sanitary structures are included along Riverton Boulevard?

Nick @ Noon | Project Team Hiring

Summer is here and our team has plenty of work on the horizon to accomplish this season. We are also building out our Project Team this year, hiring for two new positions! Check out the descriptions via our website for more information.